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“Looking through your child’s eyes changes everything

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From December 2014 to April 2015, Dr. Beth hosted Child Psych Central on internet radio. 

All episodes are archived on the Health & Wellness Channel website. 


Child Psych Central: Discover the KidBrain

explains and demystifies child mental health issues in young children. From diagnoses to discipline, family relationships to challenges of millennial life, Child Psych Central arms parents with preventive, accessible information for the critical early years.


With her expert guests, Dr.Onufrak discusses child psych matters of the day. We break down confusing concepts and explain how child development drives kids’ behavior and thinking. We peek inside the brain to reveal how brain function affects children’s choices. Finally, we describe diverse child treatments and offer parenting solutions and resources.

Dr. Onufrak believes the greatest improvements in child behavior arise when parents change their view of a child. This unique program may help you see your child in a different light, the first step toward greater compassionate competence in parenting. Tune in to Child Psych Central: Discover the KidBrain to Change your View and what you Think, Say & Do!


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