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“Looking through your child’s eyes changes everything”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor and compassionate caregiver.”

– Mother of 6 yr. old girl

Meet Dr. Beth Onufrak

Dr. Beth Onufrak is a Clinical Child Psychologist of 25 years. A respected clinician & parent educator, she is also a blogger, acclaimed speaker.  Dr. Onufrak is the developer of the ChildSightTools® programming for parents of highly challenging young children.  

A former Head Start consultant and Professor of Psychology, she guides parents and childhood educators from conflict to connection in the critical early years.


Dr.Beth’s Mission

  • To bridge the understanding gap between young children and the adults who parent​, teach and care for them.
  • To help adults decode behavior to uncover children’s hidden, disguised needs and respond with compassionate competence that builds healthy brains. ​​​
  • To promote positive, joyful, energizing, mutually respectful connections between adults and young children.

“Parents keep ​teaching me ​the same lesson: the most profound improvement in child behavior arises w​hen adults change their view of the child.”

                  – Dr. Beth Onufrak


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ChildSightTools® is Dr. Onufrak’s model for child treatment and Online School for parents that makes young-child parenting easier! 

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