Intro to ChildSightTools®

ChildSightTools® is Dr. Onufrak’s model for child treatment and Online School for parents that makes young-child parenting easier! 

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“Looking through your child’s eyes changes everything”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor and compassionate caregiver.”

– Mother of 6 yr. old girl

Child Therapy

Each child’s treatment is build upon the two pillars of ChildSightTools®. 

  • Parents gain new Vision to see through the child’s eyes, and 
  • Tools for both parent & child, from contemporary neuroscience, equip families with solutions that also bring them closer.  


Parent Support

Dr. Onufrak provides parent support in the following two ways – separately or together!

Her original live parent seminars — Clarity and Solutions — will soon be available in the Online School for access at any time. 

What BENEFITS does ChildSightTools® bring? 

Reduce child battles, blowups & meltdowns

Whether kids are defiant, gifted, anxious, sensory challenged, acting out or retreating in … their behavior may express feelings they cannot put into words. Parents feel lost trying to help when their child is with them … and especially when apart. 

CST® helps meltdowns become fewer, shorter and less intense; increases daily cooperation and closeness; and improves the quality of days at home, school and activities. 



Strengthen Family Bonds


Repeated conflict frays the precious bonds of patience, love and understanding between kids & parents. You love your child but may not like them much now. Partners’ bonds fray from seeing & approaching problems differently.  

CST® strengthens family bonds with activities that awaken understanding & deepen affection with family-changing insights. 

Grow your child’s coping skills

It’s hard for young kids to manage multiple, complex, rapidly progressing development at once.  Following rules at school, becoming a friend, managing intense emotions, and keeping bodies in check. 

CST® helps kids gain coping skills that help them cope and cooperate at home, school and everywhere.  




Regain Parenting Joy, Ease & Satisfaction


Parents can become discouraged, depleted, run-down, out-of-control and exhausted.  The child you hoped for differs from the one your have; it’s easier for others and you wonder why you can’t parent as successfully. 

CST® provides insights and tools that help you recapture parenting joy or feel it for the first time. 

HOW does ChildSightTools® Help?

​​The ChildSightTools model works by helping both parent and child, separately and together! 

Parent Vision

Parents gain the vision to see the daily life as your child does …  through their eyes 

  • Uncover clues in your child’s behavior. Accelerate the pace of discovery about your child ~ so you bring clues to every office visit, not just quandaries. 
  • See from your child’s point of view with child development secrets and things you’ve just forgotten about being young. ​
  • Understand brain regions that drive your child’s behavior. That will also clue you in to the most effective parenting responses! 



Tools for Parents 

Learn brain-friendly behavior strategies that work with your young child’s brain, not against it! 

  • Self-Calming: ​Cool your own emotions so your child can too 
  • Brain-based discipline:  Use today’s neuroscience instead of time-out 
  • Coaching skills:  Teach your child’s young brain rather than just punish
  • Nutrition:  Discover what foods help or hurt child behavior & mood​
  • Play:  Learn how to play with your child to grow a spirit of cooperation and closeness




TOOLS for Kids

In cognitive-behavioral play therapy, kids learn to understand complicated feelings and practice new coping skills in a fun, non-threatening manner.  ​

  • How to calm down from strong feelings
  • How to ask for help
  • How to be a friendly friend
  • How to gain courage
  • On and on and on! 



Together Tools

In parent-child sessions, we blend child & parent skills in a warm partnership to tackle problems together! 

Dr. Onufrak believes child coping is a joint venture between parent & child in the early years. 

TogetherTools is also the name of Dr. Onufrak’s upcoming book series for parents and children to read together! 


WHY is ChildSightTools® effective? 

This model brings together 3 of the most developmentally sensitive approaches to young child work:  Attachment theory, Behavior Modification, and Play Therapy.  

The ChildSightTools® model is grounded in contemporary neuroscience which emphasizes co-regulation processes between adult & child, plus executive function sensitivity. 

Attachment Theory 

Attachment Theory emphasizes the irreplaceable role of parent child closeness for the health of every domain of child development. Dr. Onufrak believes that strengthened attachment is a central part of a child’s improvement in the problems that brought them to therapy. 




Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification does not have to be a mechanical, chart-driven enterprise.  Applied in the context of ChildSightTools®, parents learn to be both warm and firm, giving children essential structure and limits, with multiple other self-regulation and emotion-management skills.  The behavioral tools of ChildSightTools® are based on the neuroscience of today, not the time-out model of yesterday.




Play Therapy

Play Therapy is based on the tenet the Play is the Language of children.  Play provides children a way to engage in a non-threatening manner; face problems accompanied by humor and fun with puppets and toys; gain safe-distance from their troubles that allows them to grapple with and overcome them. 




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