Dr. Onufrak is retired from Clinical Therapy.

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the online part of this service.

Discovery Partners is the best of both worlds

Online Course + Therapy

You’re so tired, frustrated and worried as your child’s problems grow.

You want help quickly. But time is so short.

Discovery Partners can help!


Discovery Partners gives you

Online Resources

on your own time

Customized Therapy

for your child and guidance for you

Quicker Results

in a concentrated time period

Discovery Partners is a convenient path to 


• Coping skills for your child

• Parenting tools for yourself

Discovery Partners is Combination care.


It’s a hybrid of an online course and short term therapy.



Gain effective parenting skills for smoother days.


Build your child’s resilience and flexibility for everyday ups and downs.

Here’s how it works:


Do a Parents-Only Intake

Meet me on telehealth for 90 minutes to discuss your child, review questionnaires and checklists and clarify treatment goals. 

Take the Course

Enroll in Cool the Tantrums, Feel the Peace. View view lessons, use memes and printabes, use the workbook and touch base with me between modules.

Start Brief Therapy

We’ll plan 5-10 sessions for child therapy, parent-only guidance, or parent & child together. These Telehealth sessions can flex as we need.

My favorite part? Clarity and detective work, understanding why he feels the way he feels.

I’m accepting and more calm. Dr. Beth was a fabulous presenter!


– Kayla T. 

Discovery Partners helps your CHILD have:

  • fewer, shorter, and milder upsets

  • better listening

  • higher self-esteem and confidence

  • more joy and childlike happiness

  • greater control over anger and distress

  • safer body and calmer reactions

  • ability to surf the waves of life

  • more desire to be with you

Discovery Partners helps YOU feel:

  • calmer and more in control of yourself and events
  • more relaxed with enough energy
  • smoother flowing days
  • less friction with your child and more cooperation
  • a deeper compassion for your child’s struggles
  • relief from uncovering hidden clues your child could not express
  • a big shift from strain to satisfaction in parenting

Do a Parents-Only Intake with me in privacy, without your child listening.

Enjoy the videos, memes and workbook pages in Cool the Tantrums!

Telehealth at the white board with a few of my therapy buddies!

Why is this program unique?

Usually, child therapy begins with lots of parent questions.


You’re waiting for me to meet your child and figure them out.

Because we’re new to each other, this can take a while.


But when you begin with my course, therapy begins with


  • many discoveries
  • lots of answers and
  • early improvement!

Child problems may drop by 50% in this stage.

Once therapy begins …


it takes much less time and expense than traditional private therapy.

Effective, efficient, affordable. Discovery Partners helps families quickly!

Beginning is easy.


Email me about your concerns.

We can set up a free 15-minute consultation.


If Discovery Partners is right for you, we’ll schedule and get rolling.


Looking forward to partnering with you!

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