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Dr. Onufrak is a private pay clinician. She is no longer contracted with any insurance companies. There are three modes of private payment for her services. 

Private Pay / Confidential

Clients pay Dr. Onufrak’s private fees. Check, cash or credit card cards are accepted (MasterCard & Visa). With this straight private pay method, no superbills are created and services or diagnoses are not reported to any insurance company.

Private Pay / Out-of-Network

Clients pay Dr. Onufrak’s private fee each visit. Upon family request, a monthly superbill is created by this office and provided you over the Simple Practice client portal. You may then submit this to your insurance company toward any out-of-network benefits, deductible or reimbursement.

Wondering if this will work for you? Call the Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card. Inquire whether you have “Out of Network Benefits for mental health services” from a Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist.

Private Pay via HSA

Clients pay Dr. Onufrak’s private fee each visit.  Payments are made via the family’s HSA credit card which deducts funds directly from their Health Savings Account.   Usually a superbill from this office is not needed in this case but can be created for you upon request. 

Occasionally, parents need documentation of payment for each office visit.  These “paid invoices” appear on the client portal after each visit.  You can print or download them for your use. 

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