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"With her engaging style and ability to sustain audience attention from beginning to end, Dr. Beth Onufrak has become one of the most trusted and sought after speakers on psychology for the Arizona Branch."  

​     - Freida Ling LMFT, Past President of

      the AZ Association for Play Therapy

"Dr. Beth is well known for her work in PCIT and in helping parents better understand the needs of their children ... in a caring and sensitive way, she teaches the language of parenting and attachment to parents who needs to sharpen their skills in those areas."

     - Gabrielle Lawrence Ph.D., Co-Founder

       of Children's Services Network and the 

      New Song Center for Grieving Children

         7600 N. 15th St. #150       Phoenix, AZ 85020      (602) 386-1292       DrBethKids.com

"Through her relaxed and completely un-self-conscious style, Dr. Onufrak's talks are enlivened by her enthusiasm and effervescent humor ... one recognizes the deep honor she feels for the children and her families. The [postdoctoral] students rate her among the top psychologists they have had then chance to meet during their training at Southwest Behavioral."  

     - Deborah Partington PsyD., Director of

       Psychology Training, Southwest

       Behavioral Health Services

"Dr. Onufrak is a remarkable presenter whose innate connection to children translates into an engaging and entertaining workshop ... empowering the parent with guided support."

     - Dvora Entin LCSW, Aleinu Coordinator,

       Jewish Family & Children's Services


Here are some kind words from Dr. Beth's colleagues who invited her for public talks.  

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