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The Summer Support Series

Get help for pesky daily issues: 

Sleep | Picky eating | Chores | Screens 

Reduce conflict & battles! 

Smooth out daily routines ...  

Save precious parent energy.

The Summer Support Series 

has 4 on-ground mini-workshops.  

-- for parents of kids under 10 -- 

In the "Learn & Plan" lively format, you can:

  • Get worksheets with evidence-based info
  • Interact with a child specialist 
  • Triple your learning from peer examples

Summer Supports Schedule

Two topics per morning. 

Join us for one, or stay for two and save!

Early bird pricing. ​​



Chores or none?  

8:30 - 10am

Screen Life          

10:30 - Noon​​​

Please complete both forms below for Registration and Payment. 

July Registration: Closed


Registration closed

Sleep Solutions
8:30 - 10am

Picky Eating           

10:30 - Noon​​​

Payment: JULY topics

CLOSED: These talks will be rescheduled. 

Chores or none?

Early bird  $25  

Regular $29

Screen Life 

Early bird  $25   

Regular $29

Both (save 15%)

Early Bird $42

Regular $50

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