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Go to the Schedule & Registration page to select the dates that work for you. Clarity is the first module. The following Solutions Sequence is based on foundational information presented in Clarity.

Please call the office to inquire at (602) 386-1292.  Dr. Beth is always adding to the Parent ChildSightTools® offerings; let us help select the best modules for you! 

​​"We always knew he could be a good boy ... we just didn't know how to give him the chance to do so."      - parent of  a                       preschool boy


The ChildSightTools® Solutions Modules ​teach constructive strategies for turning around entrenched behavioral and emotional problems.  The Solutions Modules follow Clarity, the first module in the series, and help:

  • Increase cooperation and listening
  • Chill-out meltdowns and reduce power struggles
  • Warm up & repair strained parent-child bonds
  • Strengthen your child's skill base for doing what you ask

 What's the theory and  research base for 



  • Positive-focus behavior modification

  • Attachment dynamics

  • Pediatric neuroscience

  • Executive functions


The ChildSightTools® Solutions Sequence will give you strategies that work WITH, not against your young child's developing brain! Coupled with the insight from Clarity, Solutions brings peace and progress to your parenting efforts. 

Parents often long for a dual set of tools: one for their child and one for themselves.  Solutions provides tools to:

  • increase your child’s desire to cooperate with less emotional drama and resistance;
  • restore the mutual closeness you long for;
  • help you tell the difference between “won’t” and “can’t” when your child resists tasks, and
  • build skills in the slowest-growing part of your child's brain.

Regain peace, energy and 

positivity in parenting! 



SOLUTIONS I:  Brain Food & Behavior Breakthroughs 

This module offers critical information about nutrition and how to feed your child's brain for optimal attention, impulse control, mood regulation and focus! Solutions 1 also teaches constructive, proactive behavior management strategies that work with your child's brain, not against it ~ for better coping at home and in the world. 

SOLUTIONS 2: Closeness & Cooperation Skills

Behavior management without attachment rarely achieves success. This module teaches ways to connect with your child to enhance mutual joy in your relationship and generate what I call a child's "spirit of cooperation." Solutions 2 also teaches you how to increase your child's ability to follow-through on your requests and basic tasks of daily life. 

The Solutions Sequence: Step 2