"He is doing great! He just started Kindergarten and seems to be doing much better with his peers ... I want you to know how grateful I am for your tips and tricks, advice referrals and hard work with H.  You are amazing!"

                                                                                                     - Mother of 5-yr. old boy

"Is it normal for a child to do that?"

"Is this something she will grow out of?" 

"Does he have our family anxiety?" 

Child Psychotherapy

A diagnostic evaluation determines whether a child's difficulties reflect the basic challenges of normal development or an emerging clinical problem. 

Dr. Onufrak takes a gentle, conservative approach with young people, looking through a developmental lens first. 


  • Parents-Only Intake session
  • Child interview & observation
  • Parent & Teacher inventories
  • Phone conference with teacher  & school staff (with parent permission)
  • On-site observation at school or daycare (if indicated)
  • Parent Treatment Planning session
  • ​Written report with recommendations​​​

Diagnostic Evaluation

Dr. Onufrak addresses problems such as these with several methods: 

  • Child and parent-child therapy
  • Parent-only visits for treatment planning and guidance
  • Extensive use of toys & puppets for engaging, memorable interventions 
  • Coordination with school staff 





  • Defiance, aggression, noncompliance
  • Inattention & Hyperactivity
  • Mood problems (sadness, anger)
  • Anxiety (worry, meltdowns, habits)
  • Grief/ loss and Social challenges
  • School & day care behavior issues
  • Mild Autistic spectrum issues
  • Sensory challenges
  • Coping w/pediatric & family illness  

​         Please see FAQs for issues that                       Dr. Onufrak refers to other providers.

Child Therapy Services  

​Dr. Onufrak accepts new child patients 3-7 years old. She may, under certain circumstances, treat younger and slightly older children. Children may remain in her care as they grow or return at a later stage of development with different issues.

"You're taking

your child to

a shrink?"

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 "She needs some tools for anger."

  "He falls apart over every little thing ..."

  "Every day I'm called at work ..."

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