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You can tell me anything, I'm a puppet! Why play therapy works ~ An explanation of cognitive-behavioral therapy

Big Upsets? The Three C's of Calming Down: 
Her key prescription for moving children from escalation to cooperative problem solving

Mommy, My Brain Is Hungry!  ~ Why food or lack of can be the reason behind tantrums

10 Tips for a Great Parent-Teacher Partnership  Her best advice to avert problems she sees every year

What's Wrong with "Wh" Questions? 5 Things and the 5-Word Fix ~ What to say instead of those questions that never really do help

The Brain-Bridge: From Play to Clean-up ~ How to use brain science to soothe this calamatous transition

"You're Taking Your Child to a Shrink?"  ~ How to make this all important decision and explain it to others


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QuickLinks to Dr. Beth's popular Wordpress blog posts,

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