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    A thriving child: 

  • enjoys relationships
  • learns and remembers
  • meets and manages challenge
  • self-regulates intense feelings
  • feels inner competence, and 
  • has mental room for joy & creativity   

Young children are the primary focus of my

work in clinical intervention and parent education.  

In the toddler, preschool and early elementary years,

staggering amounts of change and growth unfold.

It is immeasurably easier to make positive changes

early in life, when developmental paths are flexible. 


Many children I meet are struggling to thrive in these ways.  Their parents are exhausted, despairing and out of answers; angry at their kids ... and themselves. 

My central clinical task is to distinguish typical phases of development from significant emerging problems. To solve the unique puzzle of each child, I initiate a respectful down to earth collaboration.

Parents' intimate knowledge of their own child meets my developmental tool bag. Together we blend perspectives of teachers, physicians and other professionals to create a comprehensive treatment plan for your child.

Children enjoy my office, which offers a warm playroom environment for observation and intervention.  Wanting to return here is the first step toward a child having more of those "better days." 

Parent education and guidance is central to child treatment.  It is often necessary to meet with parents alone. This allow us to address matters without the child present and to teach parents home interventions. Over the last several years, I've developed the ChildSightTools® parent programming modules to enhance and expedite therapy. Reaching families with affordable, effective high-quality parenting information is a driving priority that fuels my workshops, community presentations and online resources.