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Private Pay / Confidential

Clients pay Dr. Onufrak's private fees. Check, cash or credit card / HSA cards are accepted (MasterCard & Visa).With this straight private pay method, no superbills are created and services are not reported to any insurance company. 

Private Pay / Out-of-Network 

Clients pay Dr. Onufrak's private fee each visit. Upon family request, a monthly superbill is created by this office and provided to the client. You may submit this to your insurance company toward any out-of-network benefits, deductible or reimbursement. 

Private Pay via HSA

Clients pay Dr. Onufrak's private fee each visit.  Payments are made via the family's HSA credit card which deducts funds directly from their Health Savings Account.   Usually a superbill from this office is not needed in this case but can be created for you upon request. 




Dr. Onufrak no longer directly contracts with insurance companies. There are three routes of private payment  for her services.