DIRECTIONS:  From 16th Street, turn west at the light onto Morten.  Go straight 0.1 mile.  As the road curves right, see the short brown "15th Street" sign in a small island. Turn left there into the 7600 N. 15th Street entrance.  Look for the balloons outside the lecture hall's large brown double doors. 

Upcoming topics*:

  • December 6thSome Mindful Reminders: How to Survive the Holidays 

  • January 10th: Keeping Your Cool: Parent Self-Control​  (or "I feel like I spend most of my parenting time apologizing for being an @$$%&#*) 

  • February 7th: Moods & Foods! A Chat about Nutrition and Child Mental Health with Jan Katzen & Beth Onufrak

                   * Dates and subjects are subject to change. 

Next Talk: 

5 Ways to Help Your Anxious Young Child

Date:   Wednesday, November 8th

Time:    6:30 to 7:30 pm

Where: The Plaza @ Squaw Peak

             7600 N. 15th St., Phx 85020

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5 Ways to Help Your Anxious Young Child:

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Parent Toolbox

What is this talk about? 

Parents are often mystified, annoyed, and exhausted from their children's extreme reactions to seemingly non-tragic things.  Talking them out of their worries with logic is often fruitless! This talk presents 5 principles to help you make sense of young child anxiety and specific suggestions for 5 common scenarios from regular daily life.  

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