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What does food have to do with behavior? Plenty! Kids' emotional self-regulation, attention & focus, impulse control, and even behavioral choices can be improved tremendously with a few food "tweaks."  As I always say, we owe it to our kids to discover if part of the answer if as simple and natural as food. 

JOIN me as I chat with nutritionist Jan Katzen about the connection between diet and child behavior problems. Gain some tips and insights! 

Parent Toolbox

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DIRECTIONS:  From 16th Street, turn west at the light onto Morten.  The road bends a bit as you proceed about 0.1 mile. Turn left into the 7600 N. 15th Street entrance.  Look for the balloons outside the lecture hall's large brown double doors. Follow the signs inside to the seminar room. 

This is the full video recording of Feb. 27th's Parent Toolbox.  

Upcoming topics*: 

  • TBA: Psyched About Nutrition!  Dr. Onufrak & Jan Katzen will speak together in an interactive parent lecture about making dietary changes to help with behavioral problems! 

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For those events that are on-ground AND live-stream, here is a map to our location. 


Moods & Foods!

Who:       Dr. Beth & Nutritionist Jan Katzen

Date:      Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Time:      6:30 to 7:30 pm

Where:   Video post