My Online Courses will help with young-child problems like: 

Behavioral/Emotional struggles:

  • aggression and destructiveness
  • anxiety, separation anxiety and OCD
  • moodiness, crying and sensitivity
  • inattention and impulsivity

Daily Routines struggles

Parent-Child Relationship

Kicked out of Daycare, Preschool or Kindergarten

From enrolling in my courses, you will get: 

  • Reduced battles, blowups
  • Effective brain-based parenting skills that lower tensions and keep them lower
  • Guidelines to be a detective for your own child!
  • More parenting satisfaction, joy, sense of control and peace

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Free mini-course available now! Dozens more in development. 

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In my online courses, you will find: 

  • Brief personal videos of Dr. Beth
  • Short segments, easy to stop and start
  • Colorful graphics
  • Downloadable memes for your phone
  • One--page printable PDF summaries
  • Think-sheets to record your thoughts on your device


ChildSightTools® Parent Supports

What if you could ... 

Find strategies & skills to reduce your young child's struggles, right in your hand? On any device, on your time, at your own pace? 

Reduce meltdowns, understand the problem, and learn coping skills to strengthen your parenting? 

Save the time, expense & commitment of therapy, get effective help while you're waiting for care ...

or shorten your child's therapy and speed up progress? 

Welcome to my Online School!

ChildSightTools® Parent Supports 

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