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Developed by Dr. Onufrak, 
ChildSightTools® are presented in a series of modules lasting 2.5 hours each, held on mornings or sometimes afternoons. 

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​"​"Dr. Beth was a lifesaver ...

not only do I understand my (grand)child better,

now I know why she thinks & feels the way she does!"  

                             -                                                                   a- Grandmother of 5yo girl


This is the first module, required before participating in any following module. Clarity provides a 5-step “think-sheet” that generates transformative insights from your young child’s point of view.  ​​This is the starting point. 


Solutions I: 

Brain Food & Behavior Breakthroughs 

This module offers critical information about nutrition and how to feed your child's brain for optimal attention, impulse control, mood regulation and focus! Solutions 1 also teaches constructive, proactive behavior management strategies that work with your child's brain, not against it ~ for better coping at home and in the world. 

 Solutions 2:

 Closeness & Cooperation Skills

Behavior management without attachment rarely achieves success. This module teaches ways to connect with your child to enhance mutual joy in your relationship and generate what I call a child's "spirit of cooperation."  Solutions 2 also teaches you how to increase your child's ability to follow-through on your requests and basic tasks of daily life. 

Module Overview

Your young child sees the world differently than you do. ​​When a parent gets into a child's head, everything changes. ChildSightTools® give you a clear view from the child's perspective and constructive solutions that work with your child's brain, not against it!