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Top 10 Toys for


Oct. '13

Dr. Beth recommends two toys: gears (pictured left) on p.9 and pretend food on p.2. 

Puppet Play: Setting the Stage for Social Skills

Jan. '09

Dr. Beth helps explain why puppets help chiildren in therapy. 

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Dr. Onufrak is an expert contributor.

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on child psychology topics. 

The List Show: ABC15

The Breakdown:

Creative Ways to Connect With Your Kids

May 2014

Dr. Beth chats with host Matt Gallant about a creative dad in the news and ways to bring you closer to your child. 

The Mother Company

The Mother Company

VoiceAmerica Variety

Straight Up with Chris

Real Talk About Business & Parenthood

Better Food Choices

Kind Coaching Can

Turn the Tide in the Family 

Room & the Workroom  

Dr. Beth talks with Chris 

Effessiou about cooling off kids

& co-workers: Mar. '13

On TV & Video

On the Radio

Stubborn Children?

We've got help!

Dr. Beth talks with Ellen Briggs about food, child behavior, & nutritionist referrals. Mar. '14

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