WHY is ChildSightTools® effective? 

This model brings together 3 of the most developmentally sensitive approaches to young child work:  Attachment theory, Behavior Modification, and Play Therapy.  

The ChildSightTools® model is grounded in contemporary neuroscience which emphasizes co-regulation processes between adult & child, plus executive function sensitivity. 

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HOW does ChildSightTools® Help?

The ChildSightTools model works by helping both parent and child, separately and together! 

PARENTS get CHILDSIGHT - vision to see the child day as they do - through their eyes -- priceless perspective that changes everything you think, say & do. 

TOOLS for Parents -- how to regulate your own emotions, choose discipline based on the brain, decode the message in your child's behavior, coach rather than just punish. 

​TOOLS for Kids -- in cognitive-behavioral play therapy, kids learn to understand complicated feelings, and practice new coping skills in a fun, non-threatening manner.  

TOGETHER Tools are child & parent skills blended in a partnership! 

Introduction & Welcome! 

ChildSightTools® is Dr. Onufrak's model

for child treatment and parent programming

that makes young-child parenting easier! 

What BENEFITS does ChildSightTools® bring? 

  • rapid reduction in battles, blowups, meltdowns 

  • growth in child coping skills

  • increase in parenting ease, joy & satisfaction

  • strengthened bonds for all the years to come​


​​​New features: 

  • My Weekly 2-Minute Tip video appears on my website homepage each week. 

  • An Online Video Library is coming! Get effective solutions at your convenience. Short, 5-10 minute videos for help before and during therapy! 

  • ​Brief Learn & Plan mini-workshops hit hot-button topics with interactive time to draft a new game plan! 

  • Live-streaming will give parents access from home! 

  • ​Relaxed half-day seminars help parents step back, reset, and get a whole new view

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