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​Q:  My partner & I want to attend but can't make it on the same days.  Can we register as a couple but come on different days? 
A:  Of course!  But couples will get the most out of ChildSightTools® by listening and thinking together, side by side. 

Q:  What if we sign up for a module on a certain day but can't make it? 
A: No problem.  Parents can flexibly attend the modules, offered in a flexible, frequent rotation.  

Q: My child is primarily struggling in school (or daycare or another setting). How can ChildSightTools® help with problems outside the home? 
A.  In her 20+ year career, Dr. Beth has found that the insights from the Clarity & Solutions  generate priceless data that parents can share with others. This information helps teachers, daycare staff and other adults interpret your child's behavior differently and respond more productively when you can't be there.    

Q: After I complete the Clarity Module, does it matter if I do Solutions1 or Solutions2 next? 

A:  The order is up to you. Solutions1 will provide constructive behavior management solutions, and Solutions2 teaches you how to connect better and get home cooperation.  Either one first will advance your road to peace and progress. 

Q: My partner cannot attend. But my child's grandparent ~teen sibling ~ other person plays a daily role in caregiving. Can I attend at the couples rate with another caregiver? 

A. Yes! Makes a lot of sense, and Dr. Beth would like to help you in this way. 

Q: Do you ever offer Solutions1 &Solutions2 in one day? 

A:  No. This material requires parental reflection and the amount of information in each is a lot for one day. Also, parents benefit from an opportunity to implement one batch of things before learning the next.   

Q: Saturday mornings are not an option for us. Can you offer these modules on weekdays? 

A. I'd be delighted to offer a custom scheduled series for parents who cannot attend on Saturdays.  Please email us on the Contact tab or call the office at (602) 386-1292 to express your request. We will add your name to the interest list and contact you when there are enough parents to offer a weekday or week-evening series. 


Below are answers to frequently asked questions about ChildSightTools®. If you don't see your answer here, call us at (602) 386-1292!

Q: Can I sign up for ChildSightTools® while I'm on the waiting list with you? 
A: Yes!  In fact, doing ChildSightTools® module before therapy is encouraged!  It gives you a jumpstart so you already recognize terms and concepts, and maybe even tried some interventions before therapy.  That makes every therapy session doubly effective.  Even further, some parents  benefit so much from this seminar series that they do not need child therapy afterward. 

Q: Can I sign up for module while I'm on the waiting list with another therapist? 
A:  That's fine with Dr. Beth! To be sure, consult your prospective provider about your plans.  The  doctor is welcome to speak with me about my curriculum at any time and can advise you if there would be any conflict in material or approach. 

Q: If we do modules before starting therapy, does that make you "our therapist?" 

A: Not yet!  ChildSightTools® is an educational series that complements therapy but does not constitute therapy. For a child to become a patient (if Dr. Beth has room in her caseload), a parent-intake is conducted, an in-depth child history is obtained, and Dr. Beth meets your child.  She then considers any diagnoses and customizes individual treatment. After that point, she would be considered "your therapist." 

Q: Is ChildSightTools® covered by insurance? 

A:  No.  Because these modules are educational, they are not considered a therapy service by insurance companies. 

Q: Do you teach the modules in the evening?

A: Originally, Dr. Beth taught modules on five consecutive Tuesday nights for 90 minutes.  Parents typically arrived rushed, dazed and exhausted from their long days. By request, the schedule was changed! Modules were moved to mornings when parents' minds and bodies are fresh ~ and lengthened to 2.5 hours to cover more information in fewer weeks. 

Q:  Can I jump right into the Solutions Modules first? I am desperate for answers! 

A:  We know you are!  The entry module is Clarity for a few reasons. Seeing your child differently changes everything, and makes the subsequent Solutions much more effective. Also, all the material in Solutions1 & 2 depends on the foundations of the Clarity Module. 

Q: Can I enroll in just Solutions1 OR Solutions2?

A:  No. The Solutions Sequence is an integrated product presented in two sessions. The ideas all work together to help the struggling child & family. Dr. Beth considers these modules as essentially linked; one without the other is unbalanced and incomplete help.