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WHY is ChildSightTools® effective? 

This model brings together 3 of the most developmentally sensitive approaches to young child work:  Attachment theory, Behavior Modification, and Play Therapy.  ​​

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Attachment Theory emphasizes the irreplaceable role of parent child closeness for the health of every domain of child development. Dr. Onufrak believes that strengthened attachment is a central part of a child's improvement in the problems that brought them to therapy. 

Behavior Modification does not have to be a mechanical, chart-driven enterprise.  Applied in the context of ChildSightTools®, parents learn to be both warm and firm, giving children essential structure and limits, with multiple other self-regulation and emotion-management skills.  The behavioral tools of ChildSightTools® are based on the neuroscience of today, not the time-out model of yesterday. 

Play Therapy is based on the tenet the Play is the Language of children.  Play provides children a way to engage in a non-threatening manner; face problems accompanied by humor and fun with puppets and toys; gain safe-distance from their troubles that allows them to grapple with and overcome them.