ChildSightTools® is name of Dr. Onufrak's model of 

child therapy and her parent support programming.

​Regain Parenting Joy, Ease & Satisfaction

Parents can become discouraged, depleted, run-down, out-of-control and exhausted.  The child you hoped for differs from the one your have; it's easier for others and you wonder why you can't parent as successfully. 

CST® provides insights and tools that help you recapture parenting joy or feel it for the first time. 

Grow your child's coping skills

It's hard for young kids to manage multiple, complex, rapidly progressing development at once.  Following rules at school, becoming a friend, managing intense emotions, and keeping bodies in check. 

CST® helps kids gain coping skills that help them cope and cooperate at home, school and everywhere.  

Parent Support: 

Dr. Onufrak's original live CST® parent seminars -- Clarity and Solutions -- are morphing into online content parents can access on their time. 

  • The 2-Minute weekly Tip
  • her blog A Child In Mind 
  • the upcoming Video Library and 
  • Together Tools, her parent/child book series

The Model and Benefits

Strengthen Family Bonds

Repeated conflict frays the precious bonds of patience, love and understanding between kids & parents. You love your child but may not like them much now. Partners' bonds fray from seeing & approaching problems differently.  

CST® strengthens family bonds with activities that awaken understanding & deepen affection with family-changing insights. 


Reduce child battles, blowups & meltdowns

Whether kids are defiant, gifted, anxious, sensory challenged, acting out or retreating in ... their behavior may express feelings they cannot put into words. Parents feel lost trying to help when their child is with them ... and especially when apart. 

CST® helps meltdowns become fewer, shorter and less intense; increases daily cooperation and closeness; and improves the quality of days at home, school and activities. 

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Each child's treatment is build upon the two pillars of ChildSightTools®. 

  • Parents gain new Vision to see through the child's eyes, and 
  • Tools for both parent & child, from contemporary neuroscience, equip families with solutions that also bring them closer.  

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