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TOOLS for Parents 

​Learn brain-friendly behavior strategies that work with your young child's brain, not against it! 

  • Self-Calming: ​Cool your own emotions so your child can too 
  • Brain-based disciplineUse today's neuroscience instead of time-out 
  • Coaching skills:  Teach your child's young brain rather than just punish
  • NutritionDiscover what foods help or hurt child behavior & mood​
  • Play:  Learn how to play with your child to grow a spirit of cooperation and closeness

​TOOLS for Kids

In cognitive-behavioral play therapy, kids learn to understand complicated feelings and practice new coping skills in a fun, non-threatening manner.  ​

  • How to calm down from strong feelings
  • How to ask for help
  • How to be a friendly friend
  • How to gain courage
  • On and on and on! 

HOW does ChildSightTools® Help?

The ChildSightTools model works by helping both parent and child, separately and together! 

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Parents gain the vision to see the daily life as your child does ...  through their eyes 

  • Uncover clues in your child's behavior. Accelerate the pace of discovery about your child ~ so you bring clues to every office visit, not just quandaries. 
  • See from your child's point of view with child development secrets and things you've just forgotten about being young. 
  • Understand brain regions that drive your child's behavior. That will also clue you in to the most effective parenting responses! 


In parent-child sessions, we blend child & parent skills in a warm partnership to tackle problems together! 

Dr. Onufrak believes child coping is a joint venture between parent & child in the early years. 

TogetherTools is also the name of Dr. Onufrak's upcoming book series for parents and children to read together!