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​​Call (602) 386-1292

EAST LOBBY doors, business marquee and the Off16th Executive Suites entrance. 

          7600 N. 15th St.  #150      Phoenix, AZ 85020     (602) 386-1292

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I welcome your general questions and do my best to reply personally within 24-48 hours.

Email is the main way I respond to new client requests.  For your confidentiality, please limit personal or sensitive information on this web form. 

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We are conveniently accessible off SR 51 between Northern and Glendale, right off 16th Street. 

At the traffic light, turn west onto Morten.  Proceed ahead about 0.1 mile as the road curves to the right. 

Turn left at the 7600 N. 15th Street  entrance.  Note: Of these two identical campuses, you want 15th St. -- not 16th. 

HINT: Don't look for signs for Suite 150 -- the number means nothing outside the building.  

Park anywhere in the front or round sides of the building.  Enter the EAST LOBBY large wooden doors.  Inside, go to the left. Enter the double glass doors and let the concierge know you are here to see me.  

Beth Onufrak, Ph.D.

​Clinical Child Psychologist

Off16th Executive Suites

7600 North 15th Street

Suite 150

Phoenix, AZ 85020

(602) 386-1292 office

(602) 386-1293 fax


or the Contact Me form below.