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Don't just wait around anxiously while your concerns grow. Jump on the Fast Track!  

Join a ChildSightTools® live seminar and gain invaluable insights and tools. Problems will diminish before therapy even begins.

 " ... and I also need 

tools for myself 

so I can help my child."  

​                               ​- Every parent I've met 

Welcome to ChildSightTools Seminars!

Dr. Onufrak offers parent seminar series for early childhood parenting in the preschool & primary years. ChildSightTools® live, small-group seminars give parents a clear view from the young child's perspective and behavior solutions that work with child-brain, not against it!

Try ChildSightTools® now to take the edge off your child's problems and determine if you even need treatment!  Enroll in some modules before treatment and be therapy-ready for efficient improvement. Or participate during your child's care and watch progress take off! ​

Call (602) 386-1292 to get started! 

​​Call (602) 386-1292