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ChildSightTools® programming is expanding! 

In Fall 2018, we're launching a broadened span

of content and formats to reach parents ... 

​where then are 

when they need it! 

​​New features: 

  • My Weekly 2-Minute Tip video will appear on my website homepage each week. 

  • An Online Video Library is coming! Get effective solutions at your convenience. Short, 5-10 minute videos for help before and during therapy! 

  • ​Brief Learn & Plan mini-workshops hit hot-button topics with interactive time to draft a new game plan! 

  • Live-streaming will give parents access from home! 

  • ​Relaxed half-day seminars help parents step back, reset, and get a whole new view

For more information, call (602) 386-1292 

ChildSightTools® programming makes parenting easier! 

It gives parents the vision to see daily life through young kids' eyes - the way they do - and cool-head parenting skills to manage those little bodies & brains.  When you #getyourchild, everything is easier! 

ChildSightTools® gives

better results in

shorter time! 

What can ChildSightTools® do for you? 

  • rapidly reduce battles, blowups, meltdowns 
  • grow your child's coping skills
  • increase parenting ease, satisfaction & joy
  • build warm bonds for all the years to come