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Are you feeling:

  • worn out from conflicts and discipline? 
  • stressed out by negative reports from school?
  • worried about your child's emotions and future?
  • guilty over your less-than-ideal parenting moments? 

ChildSightTools® can help!

  • Make meltdowns fewer, shorter and less intense
  • Increase daily cooperation & closeness
  • Enjoy better days at home, school & everywhere

About ChildSightTools®

The ChildSightTools® Modules will help you: 

  • Uncover clues in your child's behavior - accelerating the pace of discovery about your child ~ so you bring clues to every office visit, not just quandaries. 

  • See from your child's point of view with child development secrets and aha-brain info facts. 

  • Learn brain-friendly behavior strategies that work with your young child's brain, not against it! 

"We don't need

a parting gift ... 

ChildSight is the gift."  

- Father of 4 yr old boy

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ChildSightTools® help parents demystify and manage 

young child problems with compassionate competence.

​​​Young children see things differently than you do ...

Get on the same page with your child! ​​

When parents use ChildSightTools®, the whole family feels better.

Parents ...  

  • Feel less parenting stress and negativity, more relaxed and in control 
  • Have less family strain
  • Feel united as partners
  • "Enjoy” their children again
  • Experience flexiblity & resilience in family life  

Young kids ... 

  • Feel warmly connected to their grownups
  • Have fewer meltdowns and conflicts with siblings
  • Manage emotions better
  • Grow in coping skills and feel like “good kids”
  • Develop a spirit of cooperation 



Individual child therapy is a wonderful tool ... but it cannot    solve child problems alone.  

Parents are at the center of children's lives and the center of their healing!  YOU are the actually most essential element in child therapy. Your key observations take me into your family's world faster than I can get there ... and skills you use between sessions help your child use the new coping tools I've taught. 


Defiance ~ Aggression ~ Tantrums & Meltdowns ~ Overstimulation ~ Emotionality ~ Impulsivity ~ Anxiety ~ Not Listening ~ Power Struggles ~ Hyperactivity ~ Bedtime Battles ... and more!

WHAT WILL ChildSightTools® GIVE ME? 

  • Detective skills to decode your child's behavior 
  • Brain-friendly strategies to help your child cope & cooperate ​at home, school and everywhere
  • Relief from parenting strain ~ enjoy your child again!

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