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Fall Educator Day @ Brophy & Xavier

Childhood Anxiety in the Preschool & Primary Classroom

October 14, 2016

Pinnacle Peak Elementary School

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Helping Your Child Develop Healthy Social Relationships

​November 2, 2016

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Child Therapy

Gain brain-friendly parenting tools to get on the same page with your young child!

ChildSightTools® Live Parent Seminars give adults a

clear view through their young child's developmental outlook and brain state, plus constructive solutions that work with their child's brain, not against it! 

Your young child sees the world

differently than you do.

Get on the same page!​​


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Young children see the world differently than grown-ups!


Dr. Beth Onufrak is a Clinical Child Psychologist & Parent Educator. 

She is the developer of the ChildSightTools® Seminar Series for parents. 

​Dr. Beth specializes in the critical preschool and primary years to help young children. early in life!

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